Plural Acceptance Week 2021

We are delighted to feature a blog by Lily, a young person who is keen to share her positive experiences of plurality.

Hi there! I’m Lily – I’m a memoir writer, mental health activist and a volunteer at Inclusion Gloucestershire. I’m also one of many people sharing this body, living together as a loving family and building happy, fulfilling lives. Together, we’re the Lotus System – and we’re proud to be plural.

One of the best things about our plurality is how we all support and empower each other. We all have our own values, skills, ambitions and dreams – we’re a team of beautifully multifaceted people. Writing stories together is like sharing an art studio with all of our closest friends, pooling our creativity and perspectives on life. And when life gets hard, we protect each other. One person might stand up for our boundaries, a second might gently soothe us afterwards, then a third might cuddle our teddies and bring playful joy back into our lives. As a team, we’re capable of so much more than anyone could handle alone.

For Plural Acceptance Week 2021 (July 12th-18th), we want people to know how wonderful plurality can be. We want to build a safe and accepting community – somewhere we can speak openly and build our own friendships, rather than pretending to all be one person. And we want to raise awareness for the sake of other plural people – including those who haven’t realised they’re plural yet. Because plural people are everywhere, whether or not we realise it. And we all deserve the freedom to be ourselves.

For general information about plurality, check out the following links:

And for self-help presentations by and for the plural community, check out the Plural Positivity World Conference 2021 on Sunday 18th July! 


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