Young People

Brendan’s Bridge works with young people from 14 to 25, encouraging them to share their dreams and aspirations, supporting them to find their way through the challenges that occur in their lives and providing them with opportunities to test out those dreams.  The young people we engage with may be facing a heap of challenges – from mental ill health to financial barriers.

We can provide them with therapeutic counselling support and a youth work approach to walking with them through their journey.

Our aims are to support young people who have met with barriers to education and employment by:

  • ensuring they are supported in their emotional and physical well-being
  • helping them with financial support and resources through grant applications and links to partners
  • guiding them to opportunities to help them re-engage with their communities 

The young people who benefit from the support of Brendan’s Bridge may have found that mainstream education was not suited to them, may have experienced bullying, may have learning disabilities, may experience daily life that brings battles so exhausting and all-consuming that school is not a priority. 

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